Create Arc2Earth Account

If you haven't already, create a new Arc2Earth Account to get a Free Arc2Earth Lite serial number. If you have an existing Arc2Earth Serial Number, make sure to enter it in signup form to connect your existing account information.


From the Account page, click on the Download Installer button. If you are the account admin for your company, you can distribute the installer as needed. There is currently no public link for the new installer.

  1. Confirm the installer downloaded correctly and is digitally signed by Arc2Earth LLC
  2. Make sure ArcGIS 9.2 (or greater) is on the computer
  3. Make sure MS .Net 2.0 (or greater) is on the computer
  4. Confirm you have Administrator access for the installation (some computer networks may require Domain Administrator rights for correct installation)


After the install completes, the A2ELicense.exe will be run to complete the activation process. If you do not see this window after the install (or if it includes items with errors), you will not be able to use Arc2Earth or Arc2Earth Sync. Enter your Serial Number in the window when prompted, you can change your Serial Number in the futrue using the Help menu on the main Arc2Earth Toolbar in ArcMap.


The majority of installation issues arise from lack of Administrator rights or Internet connection problems.

  1. You must have Administrator rights to install Arc2Earth. On some networks, you may even need Domain Administrator rights to correctly register Arc2Earth with ArcGIS
  2. If you have a Web Proxy on your network, Arc2Earth will try to connect automatically however in many cases, you must manually enter the Proxy information.
  3. If your Windows or Corporate Firewall is set to block internet traffic (http, https) then you need to add a rule to grant access for and